True Cost to Build A House in BC in 2023

Want to build a house in BC? If you already started your research, you must already know it is no small feat. With rising land prices and ever-ballooning construction costs, increasing preference towards purchasing compared to building a home is a no-brainer. But what if there’s a way to get the best of both worlds?…

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Up and Coming Custom Home Design Elements for 2023

custom home by Crssman Homes

When it comes to creating a custom home, there are a lot of design choices to consider. If you’re looking to design or renovate your home in the coming year, you may be wondering what types of styles and decor are trending and what is falling out of style. While it’s important to create a…

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New Home Developments: A Complete Buyers Guide

A custom built Cressman home

New home developments in British Columbia offer buyers the chance to get into some of the most spectacular communities in Canada and are a safe, recession proof investment choice to boot. The list of new communities is vast and the process of buying new can seem daunting to some. We’re here to tell you it…

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New Construction Homes: The Absolute Guide

New Construction Homes

If you’re considering building or buying a new house, it can feel dizzying to try and choose between the various home types of new construction homes. New construction homes: what’s the difference between a custom, spec, and semi-custom home? Let’s find out.   Custom vs. Designed vs. Spec Home—What’s The Difference Between The Different Types…

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