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Vancouver Custom Home Builders

How Vancouver Custom Home Builders Protect Buyers: A Guide To The B.C. New Home Warranty

If you search ‘Vancouver custom home builders’ on Google, you’ll get back a long list of some of the best home builders in the Greater Vancouver area. Pop quiz:  Aside from where they build homes, what do these Vancouver custom home builders have in common? Answer: They build properties covered by a B.C. new home…

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New Construction Homes

New Construction Homes: The Absolute Guide

If you’re considering building or buying a new house, it can feel dizzying to try and choose between the various home types of new construction homes. New construction homes: what’s the difference between a custom, spec, and semi-custom home? Let’s find out.   Custom vs. Designed vs. Spec Home—What’s The Difference Between The Different Types…

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Custom Home Design Trends for 2022

Our predictions for the year’s 12 biggest interior style crazes Custom home design trends change year after year. If you’re careful though and work with an experienced custom home builder, you can choose ones that will stay current for decades.  If you’re planning on a custom home build this year, we encourage you to embrace…

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The Ultimate Residents Guide To Living In Tobiano

Living In Tobiano: The Ultimate Resident’s Guide

Discover the community of Tobiano, one of BC’s well-kept secrets Our ‘Ultimate Resident’s Guide To Living In Tobiano’ introduces everything the community of Tobiano has to offer.  Nestled in British Columbia’s Southern Interior, Tobiano, BC, is a little-known spot brimming with award-winning golf, lake views, pristine landscapes, and breathtaking vistas. Picture a neighbourhood nestled in…

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How To Choose The Right Custom Home Builder

How To Choose The Right Custom Home Builder

Uncover 7 steps to finding your perfect builder The decision to build a custom property inevitably leads to the question of how to choose a home builder.  The choice of a home builder is a huge decisions. There’s compatibility to keep in mind—in design sensibility, budget, and, let’s face it, personality—and then there’s the question…

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